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The organization Helyos was established with the aim of providing financial support to new environmental technologies that bring significant benefits to both humanity and nature. This support is made possible through donations, gifts, foundations, inheritances, legacies, subsidies, and contributions from sponsors, until these technologies achieve their breakthrough. We carefully select projects that have reached a sufficient level of pre-development, ensuring that their technical and economic potential is clearly evident.

Our funding serves as a catalyst for the implementation of these projects. On our association's project pages, we provide transparent documentation of the project's progress, including a detailed breakdown of the funds utilized. This allows every donor to have full visibility into how their contributions are being utilized. Furthermore, the appropriate use of these support funds is annually audited by a certified tax advisor and notarized.

Our guiding principle is to exclusively support projects whose operators have no intention of speculating with the company. This means that the majority ownership cannot be sold, nor can an initial public offering (IPO) take place within the next 7 years. To promote further global developments, project-related patents will be released 7 years after their grant.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure that this technologies does not enrich a select few, but rather becomes a source of wealth for all people on Earth.

The Organization:


The Oktosol

All energy comes from the sun! From hydroelectric power to wind energy, biomass, and even fossil fuels.

The sun provides us with 1000W per square meter! This means: Free energy on an almost limitless scale.

The Oktosol demonstrates extraordinary potential and, thanks to its advanced development, is expected to enter the market rapidly. In the future, this could become the most efficient and sustainable technology for direct solar utilization. Partial or full solar self-sufficiency will be achievable at low costs. Upon market entry, the Oktosol (29kWp, 2-axis tracking) together with the heat storage is priced at 12,000 euros.


earth, space, sunlight
All currently available solar systems on the market face significant challenges, especially in regions with abundant sunlight, due to daily pollution and the growing impact of severe weather conditions. As a result, many solar systems become inefficient or are even destroyed.
The OKTOSOL, however, stands apart as it possesses self-protective and self-cleaning features, ensuring nearly constant high energy yields for decades - even in those areas where other systems fail to perform.

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Support Us

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If you want to contribute to its global breakthrough, support us now. Every Euro counts. And if you allow it, your name will also be included in the list of supporters.

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Disaster Relief

In a very short time, a complete supply center equipped with the Oktosol energy system can be established. The high-temperature heat generated by Oktosol can provide the necessary warmth for hospitals, large kitchens, and accommodations. Furthermore, the high-temperature heat can power cooling systems and facilitate water purification and disinfection.
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Refugee Aid

Cooking, washing, heating, cooling, water purification, and much more become quickly, easily, and sustainably achievable through the implementation of Oktosol. Additionally, its implementation offers the opportunity for electricity generation using a steam engine, with the added advantage of storage capabilities.
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Developement Aid

In developing countries, the scalability of the self-sufficient Oktosol energy system enables the rapid establishment of a complete infrastructure based on Western standards. Especially schools, hospitals, heated or cooled warehouses, wells, residential buildings, and laundry and cooking facilities are supplied.
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The Oktosol technology provides 24/7 energy independence, even in remote or challenging locations such as islands or isolated regions. With its storage systems and peripheral devices, it ensures a reliable and affordable supply of all energy requirements.
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Seawater Desalination

With the aid of heat obtained from the sun, the increasingly arid regions will be able to produce top-quality drinking water for plants, humans, and animals. Unlike seawater desalination using the osmosis method, which leads to the continuous degradation of soil due to remaining salt, the thermally-driven multi-stage distillation process causes no harm to valuable agricultural lands.
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As temperatures rise, agricultural producers require cooled storage facilities for their goods. The need for cooling is also becoming more critical in animal husbandry spaces. With 40 Oktosol units per hectare, collector fields present a secondary source of income for farmers from their agricultural lands. These collectors offer much-needed shading to prevent the complete dehydration of the fields. By implementing such "agricultural energy fields," new agricultural habitats can be established, even in steppe and desert regions.
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Hydrogen Production

With its process data (wet steam at 235°C), Oktosol is already compatible with state-of-the-art facilities for hydrogen production. In the near future, combined power generation will enable a purely solar-driven hydrogen production.
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Technology for a new era

The OKTOSOL produces high-temperature heat that can be utilized for both cooling and heating purposes. Solar-generated heat is expected to substitute wood, coal, oil, and gas in industrial processes in the future. By using a modern steam engine, the solar-generated steam can be converted into electricity and, in a combined process, highly efficiently transformed into hydrogen. Heat storage systems can be employed for power generation, replacing electric storage, which currently requires labor and resource-intensive manufacturing processes.


In order to ensure long-term economic sustainability, self-protection is indispensable for the future.


To achieve maximum efficiency, it is crucial to keep the solar systems 100% clean. To fulfill this purpose, the Oktosol comes with an automatic cleaning system.


The Oktosol converts an average of 80% of the captured energy into high-temperature heat.


In its protected position, the Oktosol can withstand severe weather conditions. In the event of extreme storms such as hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones being predicted, the mirrors can be rapidly and easily dismantled and stacked together in a space-saving manner.


Due to the use of cost-effective materials, which are available in almost unlimited quantities (without the need for rare earth elements), and the potential for mass production similar to the automotive industry, the Oktosol will be extremely affordable in the manufacturing process.


The Oktosol already presents itself in its design as an aesthetically pleasing "energy tree" that seamlessly blends into any landscape.



Erdbeben in der Türkei und Syrien, Tsunami Thailand
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  • Earthquake

  • Until everything is restored, the Oktosol provides all the essential energy needed in this area.

  • Avalanches

  • Even cut off from the world, thanks to Oktosol, one still has all the energy needed to thrive.

  • Drought

  • The Oktosol provides shade and energy for water production, revitalizing the soil once again.

  • Refugee aid

  • Displaced by war, people find their first refuge and assistance in camps powered by Oktosol systems, providing them with much-needed energy.

  • Seawater Desalination

  • With the energy from Oktosol, you can make it rain on any island. Its power completely desalinates seawater, providing a source of fresh water.

  • Organic Heating Power

  • The green lung of the Earth should not be burned for energy. Thanks to Oktosol, we can instead harness the direct energy of the sun.


Your support through every euro you donate or lend will help expedite the global flourishing of the new energy tree! All future generations will greatly value your contribution!
Your choice!
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Up to € 50 - Your name will appear on the donor page.
From € 50 - Your name will appear on the donor page and on the Donators Wall.
From € 100 - Your name will appear on the donor page, on the Donators Wall, and you will receive a personally signed certificate from us.
From € 500 onwards - you'll have your name prominently displayed on the donor's page and the Donators Wall. Additionally, you'll receive a personally signed certificate from us, along with an exclusive 7% discount on an Oktosol.



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